RMCP Pro bono Counseling & referral program 

Since 1986, the Pro Bono Counseling & Referral Program, then part of MHAC, has coordinated the services of volunteer licensed mental health professionals to provide free mental health services to homeless and low-income individuals and families in the Denver metro and Pueblo areas. In late-2015, MHAC approached RMCP to take over management of the program. RMCP recognized the immense opportunity to expand this program and provide more low-income Coloradans with free counseling as an additional behavioral health resource.

RMCP absorbed major portions of the program, which includes recruiting and screening potential mental health professionals for host site and private practice services. RMCP crisis clinicians conduct intake of callers to determine if they qualify for free services. If the caller does qualify for free services through the program, the Pro Bono Counseling & Referral Program Coordinator will match him/her to a volunteer mental health professional.  

Pro Bono FAQ

  • If I am interested in volunteering with the Pro Bono Program, how do I get in touch with you? If you are interested in volunteering as a mental health professional, please call Maureen, Pro Bono Volunteer Coordinator, at 303.928.7100 ext. 6004.
  • I'm interested in free face-to-face counseling services, how do I access them? If you are interested in receiving counseling services as a part of our Pro Bono Program, please call the Pro Bono line at 800.456.3249 to speak with a clinician on the phone. He/she will speak with you further about eligibility and/or additional resources.