It is our privilege to talk with your teens when they have questions, concerns, are having their darkest moments or very concerned about someone else. We plan to update NOW WHAT monthly. Aggregate data, suggestions, observations will not identify any one individual/s.


  • This section of our site is to share trends, observations, suggestions and recommendations based on our experiences with your teens. 
  • Overall, there were 164 texts received from teens 13-17 years of age in El Paso County during this period, a 26% increase from August/September report. The teens in El Paso County zip codes provided make up 7% of total teen texts in Colorado.
  • Twenty-eight (28%) of the texts received from teens in El Paso County were from zip codes provided by NAMI for Below the Surface. There was an increase in texts from teens in zip code 80809 and consistent utilization in 80905 and 80911.
  • Familial conflict continues to be a great source of stress for teens. Kids use the words LOVE, SEX, PARENTS, ME ACCEPT most often when talking about familial conflict. Our counselors talk with them about safety, communication, self-care and boundaries during these conversations.
  • Teens in El Paso text most on Tuesday evenings have higher daytime utilization than other teens throughout the State. It is quite possible that the in-school campaign in El Paso County contributes to more school day use.   
  • Zip codes 80816, 80866 and 80915 have the lowest utilization which provides an opportunity to get the word out to students more regularly.
  • There was a 48% increase in text by males since the August/September report in zip codes provided by Below the Surface campaign in El Paso County.
  • Three (3%) of teens who text national text lines talk about substance use, while teens talking to us in Colorado are talking about substance use 13% of the time during this period. Decisions and impact of vaping has been part of some conversations.
  • Teens reported concerns about confidentiality when they talk to school counselors. It’s important to have them repeat back their understanding or concerns when in face to face sessions at school.
  • Teens who text often discuss suicidal thoughts due to personal relationships and familial conflict. Our counselors conduct in-depth assessments and safety planning which includes follow-up, walk-in centers, mobile crisis response and a welfare check in 2 instances.
  • The college application process was creating stress for at least 2 texters. It’s positive that texting can be a support system for many life challenges and stressors.
  • Parents can use the text line at any time if they have concerns about themselves or their kids. All information is confidential.
  • Forty-seven (47%) of all texting in El Paso County are from ages 22 and above, an indication that the word is getting out to all ages.
  • Only 4% of all calls to the crisis line in El Paso County come from teens 13-17 indicating more awareness and appeal of text over phone calls


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