It is our privilege to talk with your teens when they have questions, concerns, are having their darkest moments or very concerned about someone else. We plan to update NOW WHAT monthly. Aggregate data, suggestions, observations will not identify any one individual/s.


  • Most common trends (stressors) for this period of time were FAMILIAL, EDUCATION, SAFETY, CONFIDENTIALITY and RELATIONSHIPS.
  • Overall, there were 138 texts received from teens 13-17 years of age in El Paso County during this period, a 16% decrease from October/November report.  This decrease is likely due to the holidays as crisis service utilization typically slows down during the holiday season. The teens in El Paso County zip codes provided make up 78% of teen texts in El Paso County and 17% of all teen texters in Colorado. There is the largest and most consistent representation from zip codes 80905 and 80919.  There is very low or no utilization in 80816 or 80840. 
  • Several teens during this period discussed feeling like a burden to their family due to subpar school performance. This is likely due to semester ends and more time with family during holidays.
  • Our counselors were available to talk to more than one texter about parental abuse and associated anxiety and depression.
  • Some teens call in “sick” to school due to feeling depressed.
  • More than half of our teen texters reported thoughts of self-harm and suicide.  Our assessment and follow-up of these cases is extensive. Teens benefit from a safe place to discuss this, feel less alone, be taken seriously without getting in trouble or labeled and more informed about danger zones and plans for themselves.
  • The highest utilization of text amongst teens in Colorado are between 8-10 p.m. on Tuesdays. El Paso County teens text during the school day more than other Counties.   
  • There is more usage by males in El Paso County then Colorado as a whole. Very likely due to the Below the Surface campaign influencers.
  • Three (3%) of teens who text national text lines talk about substance use, while teens talking to us in Colorado are talking about substance use 10%, a slight decrease from Oct/Nov 2018. Words most often used in these conversations are ADDICTION, EMBARRASSED FAMILY, and ALCOHOL AND STOP.
  • Texters appreciate being able to talk about relationships ending through text because there is no judgement from an objective party vs. their friends or parents. Teens report more difficulty when the break-up is complicated by rumors or social media.
  • Forty-four (44%) of texts include major life stressors and it appears that finances are an important consideration and concern for teens. They discuss debt and jobs.
  • Teens are referring each other to the texting service either because they’ve had a good experience or they hear about it and think of someone who they think would benefit.


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