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You are not alone.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, know that others have faced them, too. There are solutions, there are safe ways out, no matter how big the problem seems today.

When you call Metro Crisis Line, your call is answered by an experienced mental health professional. Someone with expertise in just about every kind of emotional, mental, or substance abuse problem that people run into.

It’s 24/7, every day of the year. It’s free. It’s confidential. And it's professional.

Call us now. We’re here to help.
Who answers these calls?Metro Crisis Line RTD bus sign
All calls are answered by mental health professionals. No answering machines or out-of-state answering services. Every one of our staff has a master’s degree or a doctoral degree. Almost all of them have professional licenses from the State of Colorado. Those that don’t are within a few months of becoming licensed; they work under the professional supervision of someone who does have a license.

Our clinical staff have an average of about seven years experience since completing their degrees. Together, they have over 100 combined years of treatment experience. Several staff members have Metro Crisis Line  billboardadditional special training and certification in substance abuse treatment.


We know how good it feels to have someone to talk to, when life's problems seem too big.

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